MEN AND MOMENTS by Henry J. Taylor


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Henry J. Taylor is the conversational commentator whose thrice-weekly column appears in newspapers across the country. The 46 pieces collected here were chosen from among over 750 columns he has produced since 1961. For the men of the title he's apt to go from staunchly pro-MacArthur to disapprovingly anti-Napoleon; he mulls over such enigmas as Goering's suicide and snorts his disgust at the way the Krupp family munitions group has managed to beat plowshares into swords throughout modern European history. His moments are likely to be geographic vignettes that go from San Francisco to postwar European locales. Mr. Taylor was once our ambassador to Switzerland and his international or domestic thoughts-for-the-day are executed in a plain American style calculated not to mar the digestion or jar the blood pressure of his breakfast or after-dinner readers. Not cohesive information nor systematized cerebration--just slow browsing.

Publisher: Random House