GERMANY IS OUR PROBLEM: A Plan for Germany by Henry Jr. Morgenth


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The trial balloon put up at the Qubec Conference in Morgenthau's name was exploded with loud noise. But today, the plans for Germany as announced from Potsdam bear close resemblance to those very recommendations Henry Morgenthau gave to President Roosevelt at his request. The appendix of this book bears that out- for The Berlin Declaration is there for comparison with the chapters in which the former Secretary of the Treasury presents his plan in detail. He gives the facts behind the recommendations to deprive Germany of heavy industry, to strengthen Europe by weakening Germany, to make Germany an agricultural country. He points out the dangers involved, and some of the false steps already taken. He indicates the pros and cons-chiefly the cons- of reparations, and the alternative. He tears down the fallacies in the theory of Germany as a bulwark against Russia. He points out the fact that Germany has the will-and the means- to do it again, unless we succeed in demilitarizing, de-industrializing her. Divide and conquer- disar and control- direct re-education but through Germans themselves. And let the behind the scenes job be done by Americans, but the direct military control by armies that have known what suffering is and won't go soft because the Germans plead their hard lot. An interesting book to weigh against the auser book. Suggest it as a plus sale.

Publisher: Harper