A KIND OF RAPE by Henry Kane


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They clove to one another and fucked."" Just a line like that will show what happened to Henry Kane, mystery story writer, before he became a bush league Henry Sutton (that's worse than Harold Robbins in our book of rotten books). Anyway as one decent psychiatrist explains -- the transference between analyst and analysand leads to palpable demonstrations thereof and is often a ""kind of rape."" That's what occurs to beautiful Clare who marries a lawyer twice her age when her ""delicate frangible psyche"" requires the attention of Dr. Reuben Grayson -- he wrote a marvelous bestseller Sex Without Snobbery -- helped along its way by David McKee. All short of libel as well as rape -- evidently -- but finally Clare swallows her whole bottle of Seconals and undergoes treatment with Dr. Reuben who cloyingly attends to her on his couch. Craptrap.

Pub Date: April 17th, 1974
Publisher: Atheneum