KANGAROO by Henry Lamond


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Good nature writing about the still relatively unknown back country of Australia and the mobs (herds) of kangaroos who make it their home and of the hunter who trailed them for their hides. The story is doubly focussed in Big Red, a prize young buck kangaroo and on Larry Grant, the hunter of kangaroo skins who spared Big Red over and over, out of a reluctance to kill so magnificent a specimen. And the action takes place during the first half of Big Red's life cycle--from the time he is a hairless little ""joey"" in his mother's pouch, through two summers as a grey stripling, to the gaining of his red coat of maturity and the winning of his manhood in a successful fight for a mob of his own. This gives the author full scope to tell of the many peculiarities of kangaroo life and temperament which makes them come very much alive for the reader.

Pub Date: Oct. 19th, 1953
Publisher: John Day