MODERNIZING OLD HOUSES by Henry Lionel & Ottalie K. Williams
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Companion volume to their Old American Houses, published in the fall of 1946. The basic philosophy is the same- keep the essential characteristics of your old house, while approaching intelligently the essentials for modern living. Where the first book considered the factors relating to selection, values, general remodelling problems, this deals with such down-to-earth problems as making your house weather tight, water-tight, fireproof; modernizing an oldtime kitchen and keeping it appropriate to the rest of the house; sewage and garbage disposal, and so on. Considerable space is given to discussing various types of heating. A practical handbook of research and study; not a how-to-do-it-yourself book, but one that gives you the necessary know-how to deal with experts, and charts the course of what to do and when.

Pub Date: June 24th, 1948
Publisher: Doubleday