WALTER P. REUTHER: Selected Papers by Henry M.-Ed. Christman

WALTER P. REUTHER: Selected Papers

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A challenging view of the mind and spirit of Labor's outstanding leader and one of this country's most controversial personalities is revealed in this collection of speeches, statements to Joint Committees of Congress, studies and interviews. Reuther has achieved the impossible in presenting Labor's arguments and goals without any of the harrowing incidents of the early days and shows thereby a maturing and growth both in Labor and Management. Stimulating and at the same time dramatic, these papers in their totality offer the opportunity to understand and appreciate Reuther, his philosophy, his keen insight not only into problems of our country but of international affairs. Here one seed how he planned and fought Communists who for years tried to infiltrate U.A.W. His keen, analytical mind foresaw the need to meet all kinds of changed economic conditions and he calmly presented his side of the picture under cross examination by men hostile to him and to Labor. A reading of the famous San Francisco interview with Khrushchev shows two sharp minds in action with Reuther more than holding his own in revealing the shallowness of the Communist stand on Labor. Reuther's was the original plan to convert motor car plants to planes. Throughout this book there is a prophetic touch in the programs he feels necessary for strengthening Democracy in its struggle.

ISBN: 1104836807
Publisher: Macmillan