PEACE AND ARMS: Report From the Nation by Henry M.- Ed. Christman

PEACE AND ARMS: Report From the Nation

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These varied selections from The Nation on the central theme of war and peace offer stimulating points of view, most of them emphatically disagreeing with the government's current policies. Responsible scholars, scientists and statesmen collaborate to deal with the arms race, the morality of modern warfar and the economics of the ""warfare state"" -- to mention but a few subject . Among the contributors are Senator William Proxmire, Fred J. Cook and J. B. Priestley. As is the case with most collections of articles from magazines, some of the articles need updating because of new developments even as the book is published. Even so, it is good that these reports from a leading journal of opinion on the most vital issue of our times have been resurrected from the limbo into which yesterday's magazines are all too often committed.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1964
Publisher: Sheed & Ward