GOD HAD SEVEN DAYS by Henry Misrock


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A modern miracle story of the reassertion of faith in an illusionless world, this has a definite buoyancy as well as humor, makes its appeal on a likeable and not too inspirational level. This tells of four boys in a ward in a Veterans' Hospital, three paralysed from the waist down and one who is blind, and of Jimmy's promise to God to enter His service if they are healed. God performs the miracle after a visitation to Jimmy, and the boys walk out of the hospital at night, create a national crisis. Jimmy, refusing to exploit the situation, preaches a return to religious faith which all at first follow; business comes to a standstill, and finally uses political pressure to discredit the miracle. The boys, attacked, reviled, stand firm and finally with the support of all other Veterans, who refuse to lose their belief in the one evidence of hope in a materialistic world, are finally vindicated. This, with its sentiment, exuberance, and lack of subtlety, is most closely reminiscent of The Miracle of 14th Street and is for that market.

Pub Date: Feb. 23rd, 1950
Publisher: Doubleday