THE MISCHIANZA by Henry Misrock


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An impish, novel, this resurrects a family of Revolutionary War heroes from their family burial ground in the heart of Greenwich Village just in time for the ""Mischianza"" (a society fete based on the British celebration given in honor of General Howe in Philadelphia, 1778). Movie producer Gary Meade, on his way to the Waldorf extravaganza, picks up the odd-looking colonial foursome (Colonel Hezikiah Nelson, wife, daughter Aanie, son Jonathan) thinking they are part of the guest list. Meanwhile the Nelsons are busily taking in the awesome, unexpected paradise?!? of New York City. Wait till the band strikes up God Save the King! No-Toryous happenings with the patriotic Colonel in and out of the pokey and Bellevue, daughter Annie keeping a diary in her quaint early American, mother trying out her role as an emancipated woman and Jonathan happily imbibing in the Village's White Horse Tavern. Meanwhile Meade is trying to determine if it's a hoax or resolve the question ""Can a contemporary American male find happiness with an early American female?"" From bedlam to bundling it's fun.

Pub Date: Sept. 4th, 1967
Publisher: Macmillan