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SLEEPER’S RUN by Henry Mosquera


by Henry Mosquera

Pub Date: July 27th, 2011
ISBN: 978-0615505442
Publisher: Oddity Media

In Mosquera’s debut spy thriller, an Iraq War veteran finds himself embroiled in a high-tech assassination plot.

Eric Caine wakes in the Miami Veterans Affairs hospital with no memory of where he is or how he landed in a hospital bed. He chalks it up to the post-traumatic stress disorder he’s suffered from since returning from Iraq, where he served as a pararescue jumper in the Air Force. After leaving the hospital and trying to piece together missing details, he visits a bar and ends up in a bloody brawl. A mysterious man, Antonio Montenegro, befriends Eric at the bar and helps find him a job in computer security at a large multinational corporation, Corso. After several successful months at Corso’s Miami office, Eric heads to Venezuela to tackle the company’s security problems. Upon his arrival, he meets Trishna, who soon becomes his lover. He notices that someone has attempted to hack into his computer and finds that he’s being followed, but Trishna assures him that the Venezuelan government tails all Americans. Despite growing misgivings and paranoia, Eric attends a security conference where Venezuela’s president gives the keynote speech. In a dreamlike state, Eric slips out of the conference, attacks a security guard, steals his gun and shoots the president in cold blood, causing widespread riots and damaging diplomatic relations between Venezuela and the United States. While Eric initially turns himself in, he escapes in order to discover why he assassinated the president and what he learns is chilling. Mosquera deftly captures the dreamlike states that Eric experiences. While the book is swiftly paced and exciting, some awkward phrasing and incorrect grammar distract from the otherwise engaging plot. Additionally, some of the spy and military jargon read like alphabet soup and it becomes difficult to distinguish between some of the agencies and military terms.

Mosquera weaves a tale of suspense through a clandestine world, crafting an engaging read that’s not easily put down.