THE POLITICAL ORDER by Henry S.--Ed. Kariel


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Readings in political science collected by Professor Kariel, author of The Decline of American Pluralism and In Search of Authority. The rubrics are less than profound and some of the selections are too short to make much impact. Under ""problems of democracy"" we get ""predicaments of industrial society,"" with a valuable emphasis on the metropolis and extra-electoral political channels. The international relations section, featuring two selections from Kenneth Boulding, is weak. The ""ideological"" section presents nationalism, corporatism, participatory democracy and black power as well as Marx, Lenin, and Mao. The section labeled ""The American Response"" is the best, with Mills on the power elite, Wolff on tolerance, Bell on the radical right, and a series of good articles on institutions--Grant McConnell's ""State Government"" piece, for one. The final section raises meta-questions about social science and scholarship. The introduction recommends critical judgment and other good things. The book's pedagogical effect depends, of course, on the pedagogue; it should be noted that a number of the selections will be hard going for many undergraduates.

Pub Date: Nov. 26th, 1969
Publisher: Basic Books