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AIRWAYS by Henry  Smith Kirkus Star



Pub Date: Jan. 19th, 1941
Publisher: Knopf

Not just a dry presentation of facts, this is a grand, interestingly written history of the development of commercial aviation in this country, which carries the trader from the earliest attempts at flight through the full lifetime of the still young but now vigorous flying industry. On the craftsman's side, from Langley's steam-pro-ed model to the giant skylineca; on the operators' side, from the first airplane call to the present day network for passengers, mail and express; and on the governmental site, them the first airmail subsidy to the new Civil Aeronautics Board under the Department of Commerce. All the mistakes, all the achievements of the struggling but courageous group of scientists, and executives, a great many still alive, having seen their dangerous venture grow into a safe and economically successful transportation business of giant proportions with a future ahead ""such as an H. G. Wells might dream about"".