MAN: The Next Thirty Years by Henry Still

MAN: The Next Thirty Years

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Henry Still who gave an affirmative answer to Will the Human Race Survive? (1966), pursues some of the questions he handled there are extrapolates just how the algae cookie will crumble. None of it really takes second sight since most of the material here is based on reasonable guesswork and the opinions of generally responsible industrial and scientific sources. People -- add a billion to the last demographic forecast of three years ago; food, there may be square tomatoes in the U.S. but famine elsewhere; water will have to be reclaimed; transportation, while one massive roadblock now, demands new forms of high speed surface travel along with the hypersonic jets overhead; communication, automation, education, homes, etc., etc. as well as some of the human problems Gordon Taylor just considered in his Biological Time Bomb (p. 749), although this book deals primarily with the world Man will be living in. None of it is really delphic and it has a broad-gauged consumer curiosity appeal.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1968
Publisher: Hawthorn