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Mr. Geis has publicly formulated his three way best sell golden rule (Life magazine--1966): get a good theme with a professional treatment and apply lots of intensive promotion. Since it hasn't seemed to work with The King, we used ours--the title, the imprint, and the back of the nude on the front cover...Well, as fast as you can change the beds, this is about Merry Houseman (and her father--a Hollywood ""beef meat eater""), Merry who is given away, bought back for fifty grand from her natural mother, left to be brought up by a boarding school, by one of her many stepmothers who seduces her, and at Skidmore where she makes the art professor who flunks her out. Merry goes on to the Theatre Workshop in New York, to ten wild, ""wildly happy"" days with Tony (a pimp), to Hollywood and an art movie, to Venice and the film festival (where her father tries to feel her up in a palazzo not recognizing her) and to an aging voyeur who likes to see her perform...with other men....Poor Merry--another Sinderella story? We checked the original and came away muttering ""Put the good in the pot, throw the bad in the crop,"" and then decided we weren't sure what would happen if you put the bad in the pot--particularly if you couldn't find any good in the cr-p Well, let it boil and play results.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1967
Publisher: Geis (Crown)