SEVEN DAUGHTERS by Henry & Sylvia Lieferant


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Of modest proportions, but pleasing, this is a long short story of Joe Hill, a farmer, and his wife, Sabina, who had given him seven girls at yearly intervals- never a son. Even with the coming of an eighth, Joe Hill does not attempt to curb his bitter disappointment in the sex of his offspring, indulges it at the expense of the children for whom he permits no feminine frippery. Sabina, unhappy over her little girls' distress, is unable to move Joe, who- with opposition everywhere- becomes more determined. The climax is reached when the birth goes wrong, and Joe is forced to choose between Sabina and a son and heir. Humbled -- he indulges them all in the finery they yearned for... Contagious.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1947
Publisher: Coward, McCann