VIKING'S SUNSET by Henry Treece


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A rousing conclusion to the trilogy begun with Viking's Dawn, and The Road to Miklagard, this takes Harald Sigurdson and his stout hearted Vikings in hot pursuit of the criminal Haakon Redeye who burned and pillaged the great chieftain's town. What Harald imagined would be a short and victorious hunt becomes a three year odyssey taking him through the fjords of Norway to Iceland and then on to Greenland where he finds the last remains of his enemy's ship. With winter a new opponent, the Vikings spend the months with a tribe of friendly Eskimos, and then in spring forge ahead to the unexplored land of the North American redmen, where they encounter their most dramatic adventures and greatest battle. Written in poetic prose, this is substantial reading for those with a predilection for epic tales.

Pub Date: April 7th, 1961
Publisher: Criterion