MONKEY ON A STICK by Henry W. Clune


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Semi-satirical expose of American gullibility for mass faddism, for nothingness wrapped skillfully in cellophane, in the story of little man to demigod of the radio. Willoughby, idealist, buys space on the air to voice his views of the brotherhood of man, through human interest stories with moral endings; his amazing voice brings fame, and he goes on national hook-up under an unscrupulous promoter. There's some impetus to the idea of running him for president (sort of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington idea) but a vulgar, self-seeking, gold-digging girl proves the fly in the ointment. They are not pleasant company, these characters, and even little man Chester turns out to be a pompous, egotistical stuffed-shirt, except when he is before a microphone. There is a timeliness in the radio build-up interest, that may catch the popular fancy.

Pub Date: May 8th, 1940
Publisher: Morrow