GENESIS FIVE by Henry Wilson Allen


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This is the journal of Mongol Agent Suntov, ""a country boy""--the Simple Simon of Siberia who has been less than successful in his ""politik"" training in Moscow. However, he's not quite as Nyet! as he seems, a fact that the infamous Dr. Ho will discover after he orders his ""foolish Mongol mouse"" to tame his irascible brother Yang, the out-of-control game control warden of Ho's mutant wolf packs. And when Suntov discovers that Ho's ultra-secret project ""Genesis Five"" means the production of a super wolf-man killer, it's down with ""the Motherland,"" up with freedom in a future thriller that boasts the monsters of the year. And it's fun!

Pub Date: Aug. 14th, 1968
Publisher: Morrow