THE NEW MALE: From Self-Destruction to Self-Care by Herb Goldberg

THE NEW MALE: From Self-Destruction to Self-Care

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Nothing in this ""story-so-far"" outing will surprise those who have been keeping up with the state of male-female relationships. Psychologist Goldberg sees men's traditional modus operandi--""alive at twenty, a machine at thirty, burned out by forty""--as self-destructive in the extreme; likewise, he deplores the excesses of victim-oppressor cant in the more radical examples of feminism. Instead, he advocates the mutual working-through of ""destructive gender roles"" to eliminate the kinds of double binds that both sides tend to plague each other with. Example: women can't win when men place them in an assertion-submission bind; and when women place men in a ""liberation crunch,"" the man receives the worst of both worlds--he pays for the dates, but she is too liberated to cook him a meal. Those who really need a date-by-date account of the courtship process as traditionally practiced or a step-by-step guide to male liberation possibilities--as in ""Avoid the 'Earth mother' and embrace the woman person""--may find something worth pursuing here; but for the already aware, these are minor variations on a well-worn theme.

Pub Date: Sept. 14th, 1979
Publisher: Morrow