CLOSED MARRIAGE by Herbert A. with Paul Neimark Glieberman


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Question: how is marriage like a cockroach? ""The truth is that you may have three or four 'bugs' in your marriage, but if you only recognize them for what they are, give them a little spray of this, or just step on one or two of them afterward, then plug up the hole where they came from, you'll have pretty close to an ideal marriage in almost record time."" Veteran hole-plugger Glieberman prides himself on being ""the divorce lawyer who tries to save marriages,"" and offers a 20-minute-a-day program geared to sandbag nearly two dozen ills, from money problems to sex to lack of commitment to problem drinking. No natural-born philosopher, Glieberman wants ""boundaries without walls. . . openness without looseness. . . ."" His ""specific, visible, measurable solutions"" read like double-talk doggerel: ""Forget your honeymoon. Let your entire marriage be a honeymoon."" Kill it before it multiplies.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1978
Publisher: Sheed Andrews & McMeel