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A Study in Progress"" reads the subtitle, chosen, unquestionably, with tongue in cheek. A distinctly sensational indictment of our presidential scheme, and of the men who have been elected to fill the chair of the Chief Executive. In the early days, men of fine calibre, fitting background and training, and considerable mental stature, occupied the position. Since the death of Abraham Lincoln, the fingers of one hand could count those who measured up to even a moderate standard. Not only is the book an expose of the evils of the system, but an attack on the indifference of a public which accepts the system. He tells the history of a nation, through its political warfare, elections and subsequent playing of the cards. The first two-thirds of the book, although full of meat and challenging, is a trifle pedagogical in approach. From Cleveland on, the human element plays a greater part, the text seems more dramatic and vital. A few apt quotations will give you the flavor of the whole... ""Democracy in the giant world cities of today, is as unreal as the democracy of the Roman Empire."" ""The insufficiency of liberalism before the problems of the 20th century."" ""They were resigned to his being honest, but they thought of course he would be a fool."" (This in regard to the selection of Woodrow Wilson, as a political pawn). ""The Democratic Party was not an opposition -- it was merely a substitute."" Quoting Wilson in 1911 - ""The great monopoly in this country is the money monopoly. So long as it exists, our old variety and freedom and individual energy of development are out of the question."" And the final sentence in the book: ""The man who succeeded him in 1928 had been a member of Harding's cabinet, and had not felt called upon to draw attention to what was going on about him, or to resign from the little group of thieves to which he had been appointed."" -- Perhaps these extracts will indicate that the book will not be pleasing to the old school conservatives among your customers, nor to the out and out supporters of the capitalistic system. The publishers consider it one of their most important books, and its nature is such that it is sure to command a controversial press.

Pub Date: June 15th, 1934
ISBN: 0966573404
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin