BORDER IRON by Herbert Best
Kirkus Star


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The author of Young 'Un knows people and stories, and setting and period. And he can write. A dramatic story of Tod who runs away from mean old Ichabod Baker, the town deputy sheriff and takes his part in the big feud between old York and Massachusetts on the matter of iron ore. The distinctive background of furnaces and iron works, small farms, Dutch communities, town meetings, and many local customs remains background for the snappy yarn of Tod, his escape, the hunt, the mystery, the chase and his triumph. The book introduces a dog worthy of Eric Knight, Limb, who almost does sums. The animals, the credible, lively boys, the frustrated parents, the scampering foistering crew of iron-workers, combine to make this something boys from 10 on up will like.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1945
Publisher: Viking