THE CRY OF DOLORES by Herbert Gorman


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A novel built of the very fibre and tissue of the birthpangs of Mexico. The period- early 19th century when the fever of revolution was taking hold of Latin-America when the Indian was slowly awakening from apathy and acceptance of peonage, when the rebel patriot priest, Hidalgo, rose as their leader. The central characters are people,- Luz, a Lake Indian, violated by a Spaniard, flees the maddened wrath of the she loves, living here for a moment, there for a moment, touching the fringe of moving on afraid, finding respite at last in the silvermining regions where a Ch and a hunched-back mystery man and a priest gave her protection. There her son, Cir named for the hunchback, is born and grows to adolescence, fulfilling her dreams he might learn to read and wear shoes. There he knows and loves Rosalia, but falls victim to the unknown blood of his father through the wiles of Maria. These- and played minor parts in the great uprising, led by the priest, Hidalgo, who died, fe the cause still lived, believing in his successor, Morello. One third of the story follows the rise and fall as victory and defeat attend their arms- but the love of Ciriaco and Rosalia is played out against the turgid background of history. A that has slow start and ragged moments, but that builds to a significant whole. for the biggest market of historical fiction- but for the more selective.

Pub Date: Feb. 5th, 1947
Publisher: Rinehart