NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION by Herbert H. and A. Paul Hare--Eds. Blumberg


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This work is a collection of case material selected to illustrate face-to-face nonviolent encounters in the past few years. Part I, in addition, presents the philosophical bases of nonviolence along with a discussion of Gandhi's satyagraha during the controversy about the Rowlatt Bills. Parts II and III are devoted to case histories proper, dealing respectively with civil rights demonstrations and peace demonstrations. Part IV, by far the most interesting section, is a summing up, in effect, a collection of the major socio-psychological analyses published to date on nonviolent direct action. These latter are wisely presented in chronological rather than in topical order, in such a way that one may follow the unfolding of theory in relation to practice. Taken together, the case histories and the analyses make for interesting and instructive reading, and Nonviolent Direct Action will attract a great deal of attention among young people generally and on campuses. It will be a necessary acquisition for libraries of any size.

Pub Date: Nov. 22nd, 1968
Publisher: Corpus Books