BACK TO LIFE by Herbert I. MD Kupper


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Timely warning, as combat veterans return in increasing numbers to civilian life. This is not intended to provoke further the ""psycho-neurosis hysteria"" already too prevalent. But it is intended to approach -- from a psychiatrist's viewpoint -- the practical problems of adjustment, the veterans' difficulties in accepting civilian standards the transference of fears and hates to home life. These problems -- and many others -- Dr. Kupper handles authoritatively, inclusively and scientifically. One could wish for a somewhat more personal, human touch, as he advises -- in abstract terms -- the mother, father, wife, brother, sister, children, how to facilitate the adjustment -- and explains the basis of the anti-social acts of the veteran. Finally, he supplements present economic privileges with plans for mental and emotional security as well. Not for wholly uninitiated laymen.

Publisher: L.B. Fischer