MIAMI GOLDEN BOY by Herbert Kastle


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A Fountainblueplate special (only this takes place at the Bal Metropole) about Bruce Golden (the golden boy-goy of the title); one Ellie De Wyant, the beautiful daughter of the hotel's owner; assorted cheap types from all over and the Wheelers, a Kennedy clan. The Wheeler dealing has assured political posts for all who marry in to the family; the current president of the U.S. had been bought off after his affair with Ellie and now she's being blackmailed; the old man, former president, is now actually at the Bal Metropole although not up to much any more after a stroke; and his brother-in-law is the butt of an intended kidnapping to promote a Cuban invasion which is all part of this story. On the side there are diversified lubricious activities with ""creaking groans"" and ""streaming buttocks' and spasm as an intransitive verb (he spasms -- she spasms) which the arbiters of the new American Heritage Dictionary certainly would never accept. But then they never had to finalize any judgment on a book like this.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1969
Publisher: Geis