THE MOVIE MAKER by Herbert Kastle


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Hello-o-o out there in movie-land. Here we are broadcasting direct from Hollywood and Grapevine (or should we say. Follywood) where Geis Productions is launching another Sextravaganza! And what a wide screen affair it is ladies and gentlemen with something for the whole wide world of over-twenty-ones-and it's so relevant!! Nat Markel, The Movie Maker supreme is working on a ""movie so important it would make all the world know what America was, and America know itself."" And wouldn't you know he falls in love with little Isa Yoo, a Eurasian who is really a Negro who finds her true identity here. The cast includes such diverse characters as Carl Baiglon, producer of Horror Films who is in real life being blackmailed for the death of his wife by an ex-cop turned homosexual actor who is really after Carl's wispy teenage son. Then there's Cheryl Carney, secretary who was responsible for the accident that permanently crippled her athletic husband and has had to ""service him"" ever since... true pathos. And there's the cool Terry Hanford, never able to find the right man and now being courted by Mona Stern, Sex Queen Extraordinaire and latent lesbian. Mona tries at least for a menage a trois with Lars, tiny bandylegged badman but. . . Well, every other page is a scene for everybody's favorite hang-up. . . including a Watts riot. . . so contemporary. . . like silicone Breastaculars and for the same nearsighted audience.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1968
Publisher: Geis