ART YOUNG: His Life and Times by

ART YOUNG: His Life and Times

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A cartoonist, now in his '70's, reflects the social conscience of his times. This story of his life traces his own growth, from days in Wisconsin as a boy, to spot news illustrating on a Chicago paper. Then New York, Paris, a long illness, Chicago again, in the days of the Fair and the Haymarket riots. An unhappy marriage, Denver, then New York once more. The world of newspapers and magazines, and after he found his interest in Socialism, the world of rebel magazines and activity. He covered political events and through his drawings, forced the A.P. to stop coloring the news. He went on trial with the staff of The Masses. It is a new slant on the world of ink. A man's book.

Pub Date: Nov. 16th, 1939
Publisher: Sheridan House