NICOLETTE by Herbert M. Katz


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Still more Love and Marriage (1975)--or rather both--ever so honestly sanctioned among those privileged, urbane people who have everything including more. David, screen and TV actor, truly happy with Janet for over twenty years who is lovelier with every one of them, still can't help falling for Nicolette (her airline hostess name). She provides what every man seems to need at 46--that garden of delights where ererything's erotic--even the click of her earrings when she takes them off. However, Nicolette calls him one day to say she's pregnant and going to have an abortion. He asks her to think twice about it as another child (he has two almost grown boys) would further fulfill his male ego. But in the hectic days to follow it seems inadvisable. . . . Mostly scented sex which ""feels like jasmine""; but who knows, it might work like ginseng after the meatloaf.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Arbor House