JOHN HANCOCK: Patriot in Purple by Herbert S. Allan

JOHN HANCOCK: Patriot in Purple

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A little known figure, this one of our founding fathers deserves a more interesting biography- than this. Despite its apparent scholarship and documentation, its authenticity, it has no vitality, no illumination. It seems that John Hancock, rich merchant, revolutionary, President of the Second Continental Congress, first signer of the Declaration of Independence, upholder of States Rights in the constitutional convention, first governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, was the chief one of the Fathers to lend the Revolution the aura of respectability. We are told that he was egotistic, exhibitionistic, popular, a great compromiser and diplomat- but the method of telling is so dry that no living figure emerges. Of interest only to students who needs the facts.

Pub Date: July 27th, 1948
Publisher: Macmillan