MACHINE TOOLS by Herbert S. & James R. Skelly Zim


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Studying the tools that make the machines is a sensible way to start a new series on how things work; it's also an index of how much more sophisticated we've become about our technology. Only an expert could okay this fully, and fortunately one has: after a few remarks on work places, work training and jobs, it defines machine tools as power tools that cut or form metal, then examines a typical machine tool and common parts; the bulk of the book, however, consists of description and explanation (with diagrammatic illustrations) of such common machines as lathes, shapers, planers, milling machines, drilling machines (drill press to more complex), boring mills, broaching machines, grinders and forming machines (for forging, squeezing, pressing or bending). The metal frame of a looseleaf binder serves to illustrate the use of a progressive die in making a complicated shape--which brings it close to home. The whole gives (over)due attention to the machinist's trade and a grasp of how we get what we tend to take for granted.

Pub Date: April 19th, 1969
Publisher: Morrow