YOUR SKIN by Herbert S. Zim


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Not just a cover for your body,"" your skin protects you from the ""truly dangerous"" outer world--specifically from germs, drying air, chemicals, blows and cuts, and the rays of the sun. Moving on to the skin's structure, Zim touches on embryonic development and the sense organs that develop in skin tissue; describes the different layers along with the blood, nerve, and other tissue found there; points out the functions of various skin glands (sweat, sebaceous, mammary); notes the effects on skin of sex (which makes the greatest difference), age, and race (""a minor matter of which people often make much ado""); and includes a small-print, two-page glossary of skin disorders from acne to warts, The diagrams and illustrations are strictly functional, but Zim covers the subject more efficiently than most.

Pub Date: June 13th, 1979
Publisher: Morrow