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OUT OF NOAH'S ARK by Herbert Wendt



Pub Date: Jan. 5th, 1960
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin

In recounting legendary and true stories of the most exciting aspect of zoology--the discovery of new species--the author gives an unobtrusively documented and generously illustrated book about the creatures of the animal kingdom, fish, flesh and fowl, and the men who discovered them. His easily flowing narrative tells of the early fabled monsters many of which had some basis in reality; how the dodo was discovered and became extinct; how the rhinoceros, the elephant, the gorilla, the giraffe were found; the highly competitive search for the bird of paradise; what fossils revealed; the contributions of the great palcontologists like Buffon and naturalists like Cuvier, Von Humboldt, Beebe and a hundred others whose searches took them to all corners of the world to find the duckbill, okapi, tapir, the fringed-fin fish Latimeria and the ""dragons"" of Komodo. Filled with thousands of facts of natural history, many of them presented in exciting exploratory adventures, Out of Noah's Ark makes a wonderful companion book to Heuvelman's On the Track of Unknown Animals and a must book for all natural history shelves, bookstore or library. A fascinating introduction to zoology.