THE SUN by Herbert Zim
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Larry Kettelkamp's wonderfully diagrammatic and extensively labelled pictures aren't the least part of an excellent science portrait. The explanations, all of them made from basic causes as far as science knows them, are rooted in references to everyday life. We can't get to the sun, even by rocket, but without actually being there, we know a lot about it. How and what we know follow this introduction. For example:- data on melting points of different elements and the fact that sun heat is not burning as we know it lead into a clear statement of the atomic energy principle as the best explanation for such violent heat. Then comes data: the sun's weight, size, etc. as compared with other stars and planets, sun spots and how they affect earth, heating and plant growth, light as energy and so forth. Highly recommended.

Pub Date: Feb. 18th, 1953
Publisher: Morrow