HOW BIG IS BIG? by Herman and Nina Schneider
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A revised and handsome edition of this exciting book about size first published in 1946. With the question, ""How big is big?"" a parade of big, bigger, and biggest things begins -- elephants, trees, skyscrapers, mountains, the moon, earth, sun and stars- ""the biggest things we know"". Then the small and smaller things, from puppy to electrons, protons, and neutrons. The concept of bigness and smallness -- the eruption into vastness and the sudden contraction into smallness with both extremes nudging the unknown -- is a wondrous and even unsettling concept. The authors invite the young child into this miracle as ""belonging ...right in the middle, between an electron and a star"". A book to stir a child's imagination, his alertness to his world. The new illustrations by Symeon Shimin are lovely and catch the wonder childhood and wonder of the world.

Publisher: Young Scott