HEINRICH HEINE: Works of Prose by Herman ed. Kesten

HEINRICH HEINE: Works of Prose

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Louis Untermeyer edited the Poems and Life in a two volume edition issued by Harcourt, Brace. He now provides the introduction for this one volume selection of prose, and acknowledges that he had hoped to do this himself, but endorses the fine editorial job of selection, arrangement and notation done by Herman Kesten. Heine's prose is little known in this country. This volume nerves as an excellent introduction; reviews and prophecies, epigrams and puns, letters, biographical sketches, political places, showing an allover balance between the utopian and the materialist, the and the non-political thinker. I found the letters the most interesting reading, a key to the personality and character of the man, to his attitude toward the world in which he lived. He showed small love for the English, deep devotion for the French and instinctive distrust of his own race. A book for libraries and colleges.

Publisher: L. B. Fischer