BEYOND THE RÉSUMÉ: How to Land the Job You Want by Herman Holtz

BEYOND THE RÉSUMÉ: How to Land the Job You Want

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Not much beyond the rÉsumÉ, though: after 140 pages of wordy talk about the problems of resumes, how-to tipster Holtz (The Winning Proposal, The $100 Billion Market, etc.) unveils his secret weapon--the ""super-rÉsumÉ"" that's actually a brief letter ""condensing your credentials and qualifications into the shortest presentation possible."" The aim is to get an interview, period. The rationale: you'll have a better chance if the prospective employer wants to know more, and doesn't know anything detrimental. Suppose you're asked for a conventional rÉsumÉ? Say you'll bring one along to the interview; then, ""stall further""--explain you're updating it, or whatever. Meanwhile, you've seized and held the initiative; you're learning about the company; you can concentrate on your strengths (and, if necessary, send a custom-tailored rÉsumÉ afterward). The reader who sticks with Holtz's recital of rÉsumÉ pitfalls in hopes of learning better is provided With a few worthwhile pieces of advice: don't state ""challenging opportunity"" as a career objective; don't lie--it's not worth the risk. Holtz also remarks that the best way to cope with assorted biases (age, marital status, etc.) ""is to do everything you can to avoid coming in contact with them""--by omitting such information from your rÉsumÉ. Others also advise this, on grounds that it's immaterial. Encouragement to by-pass the rÉsumÉ is indeed the book's one distinctive feature, as well as its dubious central advice.

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 1983
Publisher: McGraw-Hill