THE COVERED BRIDGE by Herman Petersen


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Of the tribe of O'Days and their hold over the land of northern New York, this settles down into the story of Zoanna, who married Michael and who was as strong and determined as his giant of a father, Timothy. For Zoanna planned for the son she was yet to bear, made her deals for his future empire as she conceived him, and ruthlessly fought for his fortune as he grew up. Michael opposed her, when her schemes faced their neighbor, Daniel Stone, with ruin, but found himself an involuntary partner in the toll bridge and the mill she started. With Michael's death and Timothy's grudging admiration, she built a fortune only to face the fact that her boy loved a girl of whom she did not approve, and for once she was bested when young love proved stronger. A novel of the lusty late 19th century, this carries on the tradition of the strong-willed woman and her eventual defeat in brawny, vigorous terms.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1950
Publisher: Crowell