A GLIMPSE OF TIGER by Herman Raucher


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Tiger, whose real name is Janice, comes from a long line of Darlings like Holly Golightly and Petulia and when first met she's living with Luther who has an imperturbable cool. He's also enigmatic and explosive and physical and selfish and mad and imaginative. Imaginative like autographing Irwin Shaw's name on some of Mailer's novels in Bloomingdale's, or pledging somebody else's money to the UJA. In time though Tiger realizes the hopeless unreality of their attachment -- is it even an attachment? -- ""doomed to be a split-second post-Luther"" and she becomes Janice again and takes a job in a steno pool and tries to escape. . . . Already en route to the screen, this hustles and hypes in a very attractive fashion.

Pub Date: July 29th, 1971
Publisher: Putnam