ON THREE: Inside the Sports Huddle by Herman Weiskopf

ON THREE: Inside the Sports Huddle

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The Sports Huddle--a ""three-man, Boston-based radio show""--is the enfant terrible brainchild of realtor Eddie Andelman, insurance agent Jim McCarthy and lawyer Mark Witkin. The primary aim of this controversial talk show is to stand up for the rights of fans--i.e., to criticize the use of pay toilets at Boston Garden or the leathery hamburgers served at Fenway Park. The ""irreverent. . . iconoclastic"" Huddlers also receive a great deal of flak by lambasting local sportswriters and assorted Bruin, Red Sox and Patriot players. Nonetheless, they are a lively trio who say and do zany things on the air--they once called Buckingham Palace to find out whether the Patriots could ""exhcnage two of their guards for two of yours"" . . . and phoned the Astrodome to try to rent it for a hockey doubleheader. Alas, nearly half of this book concerns the contests the broadcasters staged to find a placekicker in England for the New England Patriots, and a punter in Australia from among a group of rugby players (""the Search for the Kangaroo Kid""). The Huddle will have to be heard to be believed (and appreciated)--this is not the talk of our town.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1975
Publisher: Little, Brown