THE REDEMPTION OF DEMOCRACY: The Coming Atlantic Empire by Hermann Rauschning
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This is the book we have hoped for from the author of The Revolution of Nihilism and The Voice of Destruction -- a book that has grown out of the crucible of his personal experiences with the Reich and his sharing of the Battle of Britain at its heart. Nobody speaks with more authority. No books are more quoted than his, and this one lends itself aptly to quotation, too. He sees us at the beginning of world revolution. He understands Hitler's processes, his technique of shattering nerve centers, his use of bemused socialists, paralyzed property classes, appeasers, and those who believe in the inevitability of ""the wave of the future"". He urges internal unity to combat the virus, and shows how closely Hitler came to succeeding in ""eating away"" the British Empire. He shows Hitler's plan to shut off the U.S. and the Western Hemisphere, and argues that ""compromise means lack of true sentiments, weakness, absence of principle"". His position on most questions will be a challenge to many:- Naziism the one really dangerous enemy of society, the danger spot in those people who sustain their profits at any cost, and specifically -- ""An interruption of war by a compromise peace must inevitably mean Hitler's ultimate victory"". He shows how ""temporary dictatorship is a legitimate expedient of democracy to secure a higher degree of efficiency in emergencies"". A challenging book, right ""in the news"" -- a voice of authority, already proved right again and again.

Pub Date: March 7th, 1941
Publisher: Alliance