THE NEW EUROPE by Hernard Newman


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This, I feel, is an important contribution -- and a more than mansized one -- to the essential question of post-war planning. There is none of the easy theorizing, generalizing of much that has been written along these lines. Newman, lecturer, student of world affairs, and seasoned traveler, has limited himself to a discussion of the new frontiers of Europe -- a presentation of many of the difficult and intricate problems of frontier alignment. He provides a ""background of judgement"", rather than dogmatic solution. He believes that Federation of some kind will be the ultimate goal, but that it is still a ""distant ideal"". He also believes that it will not obviate nationalism. Frontier determination has many angles, historical, natural, lingual -- at best a frontier is a compromise. All these are taken into consideration as he discusses the future frontiers of all Europe. In each case, he gives past history, the individual minority problems, their politics to date. Germany -- he claims -- must fully recognize her guilt in this war, for we are fighting Germany rather than Hitler -- and his solution for Germany is the re-establishment of the old States, division of power into a loose, regional federation. A detached , studied discussion of a deedalean problem -- but not one for the general reader.

Pub Date: Aug. 17th, 1943
Publisher: Macmillan