WRITERS ON WRITING by Herschel- Ed. Brickell


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By the Staff of the University of New Hampshire Writers' Conference, these articles (quondam lectures) contribute practically as well as theoretically to the author or aspirant author. There are pointers on techniques as well as theories, on the craft as well as the art of writing, on style, on the formula and framework; and there are details on the preparation of the manuscript, on commercial requirements, on agents, on the author-publisher relationship. In fiction, Esther Forbes handles the historical novel; Margaret Widdemer the serial or pattern novel; Marjorie Fischer the mystery novel; poetry is well represented with R.P.T. Coffin and Rolfe Humphries; the juvenile field with Eric Kelly; and all types of non-fiction writing are considered, science, regional, how-to-do articles, book reviews, radio writing, etc., etc. The market is self-explanatory.

Pub Date: May 5th, 1949
Publisher: Doubleday