G. B. S. A Full Length Portrait by Hesketh Pearson

G. B. S. A Full Length Portrait

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Here is little that is new or fresh. It has all been said before, by Henderson and Harris and by Shaw himself. But as it is actually about three fourths Shaw himself, it is inevitably interesting reading, and Pearson's contribution is a careful, honest, unbiased job. Until the ""grand old boy of English letters"" has passed on to the Heavenly Kingdom, when he will doubtless continue to poke fun at his fellow inhabitants, this should seem to be a definitive life. Strangely enough, Pearson gives a more complete interpretation of Shaw's sex life than did even Frank Harris. The Fabian period is gone into at great length. And of course the plays -- writing, production, publishing -- absorb the greater portion of the book. Pearson credits Shaw with having more influence over the youth of pre and post war years than any other writer of the period. For the most part, interesting reading.

Publisher: Harper