JESSICA'S WIFE by Hester Mundis


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A number which will remind you just how far we've raised our consciousness since Gertie's Garter -- but still just a number, taking place in the same general vicinity. Jessica is one of those lucky, bright, pretty, well-heeled (they do have dinner at Lutece) upper West Side New York girls who is married to book editor Victor, happily married, and they have a perfect two-year-old Aaron except for the fact that he's a slow achiever on the potty. But somehow under the influence of the sisters at a rap session, Jessica gets the notion that she needs a wife who will take care of the cooking and cleaning and marketing and non-Pampering of Aaron and pampering of Victor, as well as herself. And so they try, a trois: Marilyn with a blonde Afro and 42nd Street beanbag equipment; and Bert who's a dyke; and efficient, wholesome Paula; and finally Abby who is good at everything -- even Scrabble. . . . Some funny lines mostly for people who've been there (places some of your less enterprising readers have never visited) -- an X-rated, liberated romp.

Pub Date: Feb. 24th, 1974
Publisher: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan