LITTLE WILD HORSE by Hetty B. Beatty
Kirkus Star


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**This is one of the best all around good picture-story books we have seen in a long time. The format is beautifully adapted to the story and pictures by the author -- almost square, 9(apple)x10(apple), sturdily bound in boards, text of 4 or 5 lines to a page. Peter, 7, with his parents, goes to live in the West, and all the new sights he sees are pictured for other eager 4 to 7 year olds. His wish for a horse and the catching and taming of a small, wild grey one for himself makes a satisfactory finish. And, oh! the pictures! Friendly looking russet colored steers, a little blue truck, a cozy looking ranch house, rolling yellow hills -- all satisfy and gratify a child's own natural sense of good design. Each page is bordered with a wide band of yellow, safely enclosing the happiness of Peter's new world.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin