A CROWN FOR GINA by Hila Colman


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The delicate balance between femininity and independence is one which seventeen-year-old Gina needs desperately to make when Ricky, her older brother, leaves their Connecticut town to attend a fashionable college, expecting nothing more of her than that she find ""the right sort of young man"" and marry him. At first she feels only bitterness, bitterness toward Ricky, toward her snobbish mother who refuses to recognize her daughter's creative impulses, and toward whatever fate made her a girl. But slowly, and not without pain, Gina learns to understand her needs and to care for them herself, and in so doing, her bitterness turns to compassion and love. There is something rather oppressive to an adult in the melodramatic intensity with which Gina faces life, but the theme of this typical teen-age story should be of interest to all girls who are beginning to wonder what it is, exactly, that the world asks of a woman.

Pub Date: Aug. 20th, 1958
Publisher: Morrow