THE BATTLEGROUND by Hilaire Belloc
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Here's a book for rather specialized work. There are three distinct markets, and they must be approached individually, it seems to me. In the first place, a new Belloc commands a Roman Catholic market, and this is particularly timely, in content and approach. Sell to that market as a fascinating and scholarly history of Syria as ""the battleground"" on which the fate of the Church was fought out from the earliest beginnings of Judaism on. Your second market is a Jewish market, carefully culled. The orthodox Jew may find the apparent change of front in the last third distasteful. The liberal Jew will see it for what it is -- a thoughtful analysis of the drama and the glory and the struggle for survival of his race in Syria (a symbol, perhaps, of a wider battlefield), interpreted from the Catholic angle as laying the foundations for the birth of Christ, and -- his crucifixion accomplished -- disintegrating as a unified force. It is done in a stimulating and absorbingly interesting way a broad panoramic treatment with a saga quality . A third market is that of religious students, in the widest sense. So add to your Religious Book lists, for a plus sale. Beyond the three specialized markets, my own enthusiasm and unflagging interest would make me feel that it has a general market for anyone interested in fresh viewpoints on subjects generally considered fairly hackneyed and over familiar. The publishers have prepared posters and are planning circulars.

Publisher: Lippincott