WOMAN ON A SEESAW: The Ups and Downs of Making It by Hilary Cosell

WOMAN ON A SEESAW: The Ups and Downs of Making It

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Why women not only can't Have It All, but shouldn't even try--according to ""a variety of successful professional women between the ages of twenty-six and forty."" Cosell, a former TV-sports producer (and, yes, Howard's daughter), presents a familiar post-feminist litany of exhaustion and disillusion. There is ex-ad exec Alison, now a thankful wife and mother: ""I don't think any woman should remain single if she can avoid it. . . Single women just don't feel good about themselves after a while."" There's TV-exec Corinne, peremptorily fired after ten years: ""Women aren't accepted, they aren't wanted. . ."" There's magazine editor Jane, still in her office at 8 p.m.: ""I'm an overworked professional, an overtired mother, a fair-weather friend, and a part-time wife."" Cosell reproaches women for accepting ""a terribly narrow, restrictive, male definition of what it means to succeed."" She makes a facile reference to Carol Gilligan and women's different, nurturing psyche. For the ordinary working woman, all this is simply bad news--while successful types with spirit should see instead Tessa Warschaw's Rich Is Better (below).

Pub Date: March 29th, 1985
Publisher: Putnam