SYLVIA THE SLOTH by Hilary Knight


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Around go the words of the subtitle A Round-About Story and around go the captions as young sloth Sylvia, tired of seeing things upside down, swings around for an upright view. ""Miss sniff, a lovely rose,"" becomes ""a maid frightened by a giant jungle gnat""; a ""lion lurking in the grass"" becomes ""a bearded soldier in a furry hat""; ""two storks fishing in a jungle pool"" become ""a waiter holding high a steaming noodle platter""; etc., etc. Queried about the conflicting appearances, mother Sybil advises skepticism: ""You must look at life from every side and soon you'll see what is real and what is not."" Practical advice but impractical here. . . . However you look at this, it's an old gimmick stretched into some pretty peculiar forms.

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 1969
Publisher: Harper & Row